Sergio Rossi is, since 40 years, a collector , an amateur and a trader of carpets.        In the gallery he owns since thirty years in Milan he has a large choice of caucasian, chinese and persian carpets but with a particular attention to Anatolics rugs, so hard to find on Italian and European market.

The choice goes from the XVIII cent. production till that of the beginning of our century, of famous manufactures, but also of village or nomadic origin.

The carpets he deals are chosen following taste, state of maintenance and peculiarity, leaving only at last place the commercial evaluation.

Being the amateur he is, he looks after rare and unusual carpets, and for that reason he chooses himself each single carpet, maintaining a very high quality standard.

The Gallery offers also various services to customers, including accurate repairs with the assistance of high quality personnel, and after a completely free estimate.


la nostra collezione di tappeti orientali e d'antiquariato

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